Who is this Jarvo 69 who invades between India vs Australia.

A man in blue named Jarvo enters in the feild during India’s World cup opening match against Australia. The Indian team security officer  make no delay in tackling the situation as the immediately control the situation. Jarvo also interacted with Virat Kholi and have a small chat before the security person took him out 

Daniel Jarvis who known as Jarvo has been banned by BCCI for attending further matches of worldcup. As per the repots, the incident took place after the Indian players enters the feild.  A thriller game happed between India vs Australia at Chepauk. Australia wins the toss and elected to bat first in hot and humid conditions and scored 199 in his 50 overs. Indian bowlers dominated the Kangaroos in the first innings as even a single player fails to score 50,the highest individual score is 46 by Steve Smith.

This is the fourth time when this man Jarvo breach the security and invads the pitch in the match which involves India. At the same time Jarvo was having a VIP ticket where people are unable to get tickets for the matches. In India’s tour of England back in 2021 Jarvo has done the same offense first time which results Jarvo’s ban from English Grounds. Despite being repeat the same offense again Jarvo has been left by the security as no one seems it as a serious matter.

“The individual concerned has been banned from attending any further games at the event and the matters is in the hands of the Indian authorities”.ICC said 
“We will going to talk to security authorities and try to know the reason for this blunder and if there is need for some extra security than we will managed that also so that this never happens in future”. ICC added 
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