Mumbai's iconic Kaali Peeli Taxi replacementCabbie Abdul Kareem poses with his Premier Padmini taxi — one of only about 50 that were still on Mumbai's streets as of December. Once ubiquitous, the Padmini is being replaced by modern cars.

Meter down for the last time for the Mumbai’s iconic Kaali Peeli taxi on 30 October,2023. What is Mumbai’s iconic Kaali Peeli Taxi replacement? After October 30, such cabs will not be permitted to operate because Maharashtra Government holds a 20-year age limit. This rule has been set for all the cabs by the Maharashtra City Taxi rules 2017. As per the Experts view that as the vehicles age grow, their efficiency decreases and they lead to more pollution.

The iconic Padmini Taxi better known as Kaali Peeli Taxi has been the symbol of Mumbai’s heritage from past six decades. It has been closely relates to everyone from a business proffesional to a actor and has been a major part of Mumbai’ road. This black and yellow taxi was so closed to Mumbai that Film Industries preodically paid tribute to it by using them in their movies. This taxi plays a major role in the life of a common man by serving from decades. Know about Scorpio 2023

Black-yellow Taxi:मुंबई की सड़कों से अब गायब हो जाएंगी काली-पीली रंग वाली टैक्सी, 60 साल का सफर कल होगा खत्म - Black Yellow Taxi Will Not Run In Roads Of Mumbai From

The Kaali Peeli taxi have always been a major part in Mumbai’s identity.It was in the year 1964 when Premier Automobiles Ltd was launched in Mumbai under license from Fiat Millecento. The rest is history. The four-cylinder 1100 cc engine became the best choice and proved to be extremely reliable. Thus, it became a suitable option for the taxis in Mumbai.The last Premier Padmini Taxi got officially registered on October 29,2003 by Abdul Kareem Karsekar in Tardeo RTO. Know about MG ASTOR BLACK

Recently Mumbai’s other iconic red double deckar bus also gets retired from his service and now these Padmini Taxi’s. Everyone who need transportation depends on these black yellow taxi. Don’t know what will be there replacement as they always be a topic of discussion

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