Who is more of addicted Junk food ? Youth or Children
Junk Food which is popularly known as Fast Food is much popular among Youths then children. Youths are more addicted of Junk food than children . Consumption of Junk Food can cause many medical problems on Youths. It is the matter of concern from the health point of view as their demand is going up as smoke and drink. Junk Food is the cause of many major disease like fat, heart problem, blood pressure,diabetes and cancer as they are  Ultra-processed foods. In many countries like UK and America Junk Food is the major part of their main food . 


In India Junk Food is growing very rapidly which is not a good indicator.  According to researchers of Brazil, America and Spain youths are more trapped in Junk Food (Ultra processed Food) than children. 14% of Youth and 12% of Children love Junk Food very much and that is the reason that today’s Youth is suffering from many diseases like Heart disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and Sugar. 

As per the reports Carbohydrates and Highly processed foods like Candies, Ice Cream, Fries, Burger, Chips, Cold Drinks, Chocolate, Packed Soup, Hot Dog and Chicken Nugget. These foods are also called Ultra Processed Food because they have to pass from many process and included many highly sensitive ingredients. 

As per the reports of WHO and UNICEF, Junk food can be a big threat for Indian children as climate change and pollution. More than 30 lakh people lost their lives because of access consumption of salt as per WHO report. Heart Problems and Heart diseases are increasing rapidly in all over the World because of Junk Food. 

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